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Free colouring page!

High resolution download – FREE! All I ask is that you follow on Instagram and Facebook and show me your colouring!

Colouring books!

I have a massive love for folklore and plants having been a florist for 5 years – so my colouring books tend to reflect a dark fantasy and botanical vibe. All original art.

My colouring books are all high-resolution, professionally printed, 8.5 x 11 books.

I currently have Blue, Pink and Green in stock in Moncton NB, I am sold out of Orange at the moment.

The paper is thick card stock to hold up to almost any colouring medium, and perforated for easy removal, all pieces can be framed as well. The coil binding allows for the book to always lay completely flat<3

Please CONTACT ME if you would like a copy or have a questions.

I currently have FIVE books made ( Red is being printed)! Further down on this page you can find some past publications I’ve made regarding artists in the area.

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Facebook: @hiddencompany

They are also currently for sale locally at the following awesome stores:
Mystic Moons 69 Highfield Moncton
Scarlet Ink Studio: 121 Pine Glen RD, Riverview
Off the Wall Eyewear: Mountain Road
Chapters Moncton
Amazon (disabled atm)

The Red Dahlia Project – 2018

Female Entrepreneurs of Northern New Brunswick


Crossroads Talent Promotion Magazine
2013 – 2014 –
Connecting the arts with art seekers.

The Crossroads publication is no longer running. Crossroads Talent Promotion Magazine was an online side project created to promote and showcase all walks of art – from design to content, it was unique in every sense and a great success.

Crossroads is a themed online magazine that promotes some of the amazing talent from New Brunswick and surrounding areas (Canadian only). it is something VERY much needed in the area, but quickly became a full time affair.

It was created and designed by yours truly and based out of Moncton New Brunswick. Unlike traditional magazines in layout and purpose, showcasing musicians & bands, artists of all styles & mediums, writers, photographers & models and more. The first issue was released online for November 2013. 





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