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Looking to collect your next piece of art? Lets talk!
Currently working out of Scarlet Ink Studio in Riverview, NB.

All of my consultations are online unless we feel it should be in person. Contact Me
The booking app on this page will be available even if my books are closed, I will answer in a timely fashion even if I can not book you.

Below are a few images of past work, my social media is updated daily, this website is not. Instagram/Facebook: @reddahlia.illustrator

Book an Online Consultation

NOTE: Currently booked until May 2023
This date changes when I open my books, have to re-schedule someone, or book pre-drawn designs. My Insta/Facebook is kept up-to-date, this website is not.


I do not have a wait list, as it gets too complicated to contact/keep track.

If you have a question it is best to directly email me using the form on the CONTACT PAGE as this booking option will only allow you to book a consultation when my app says I have free time, which is not always correct.


Please read the other information on this page before contacting me.

Basic info:

Bringing friends: While I do prefer my client coming to their appointment alone, due to space and other factors –  I don’t mind if it is your first tattoo and would like to bring one person with you, please let me know in advance.

Payment: I prefer e-transfer as payment for services – or cash.

Deposits are non-refundable, via e-transfer, 50-100 depending on the work involved, and comes off the cost of the session. This holds your appointment and allows me to draw for you.

You must be 18+  – Minimum 16 with guardian consent. They need to accompany you to the appointment meet me and approve of the design. I am picky with location/size I will do at 16.

Rescheduling: If you need to reschedule or cancel, please give me at least 24 hours notice via email, preferably a week. Failure to do so or to no-show will result in loss of deposit and no rebook. I will allow a reschedule with good reason, but more than one and I may ask for a second deposit to book my time again. Please use your deposit within the same year you gave it.

Sketches: I do not draw for anyone without a deposit down and date booked. I draw the week of your booked appointment and I touch base via email on Mondays for the week. I generally do small-medium tattoos as I can’t work over 4 hours per session. I usually show a few ideas for you to choose from the week of your appointment. We can make any minor changes at this time.

I redraw all art, and I will not copy someones work line for line from the internet. This ensures everyone’s work gets the same attention and care into their piece and it is as unique to you as possible.