Tattoo Consultation

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Booking a consultation with me is super easy:)

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Please fill in the description as best you can, and have any references ready.

Please read the other information, below, on this page.

Please read the information below and use the ‘Book Appointment’ button to choose a date and time convenient for you. If you are on a device, the link is at the bottom of the page. Instagram: @reddahlia.illustrator updated daily. There are client reviews of my services found on my Facebook pages under the same name.

How does it work?
After booking with me  – I will contact you via email and ask for any photo references, after I receive your reply I will provide you with an estimate of cost and time.

If your tattoo idea is larger, and more detailed and requires us to speak in person, I will book you in for a 15 min consult at the shop so we can chat. However, if it is a pre-designed flash piece or a smaller idea, we can book you straight in for a tattoo appointment at the earliest opening , I will then ask for a deposit sent via e-transfer:)

Basic info:

Deposits are non-refundable and preferably sent via e-transfer, the amount is based of off the detail and size of the design request, and comes off the cost of the last session. Since most of my tattoos are completely custom drawn – this holds your appointment and allows me to draw for you. If you require a receipt, let me know, but transfers remain visible in your banking info and available to you at all times.

Payment: Please pay via E-Transfer or card at this time unless otherwise discussed.

You must be 18+  – Minimum 16 with adult consent, and I will ask for ID from you and your parent.

Masks are mandatory in shop, please come to your appointment alone unless you are a guardian.

Rescheduling: If you need to reschedule or cancel, please give me 24 hours notice via email if you can not make our appointment. Failure to do so without good reason, or to not show up to your scheduled appointment will result in loss of deposit. Deposits stay on your file for a year from the date you provided it – please ensure that you use it in that time or it will result in loss of deposit.

Sketches: I prefer to show custom designs in person, if I have to ask questions regarding a larger idea. I do not usually send them via email unless you have a significant deposit down with me.  My process is to sketch a rough idea right away, and then perfect it a day before your appointment. I usually have a few ideas for you to choose from the day of your appointment, unless it is a larger piece. We can make any minor changes at this time.

I redraw all art, and I will not copy someones work line for line from the internet. This ensures everyone’s work gets the same attention and care into their piece and it is as unique to you as possible.

If you have any more questions please feel free to email or contact me on my Facebook page or instagram DM – @reddahlia.illustrator